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  • Albu, Svetlana (CEP USM, 2010)
    This article includes the study on the possibility of grounding appraisal theory by focusing on low entropy value theory. The author examines the Paul Bran theory in terms of potential property value estimate.
  • Albu, Svetlana (CEP USM, 2009)
    In this article the author examine the public patrimony structure, identify the existing management problems of public patrimony in Republic of Moldova and highlights the differences between public and private patrimony.
  • Capsîzu, Valeriu; Albu, Svetlana (CEP USM, 2009)
    The authors emphasize the differences between market value, liquidation value and mortgage value and demonstrate that mortgage value representing around 70% from the market value but not from liquidation value as affirmed ...
  • Albu, Svetlana (CEP USM, 2007)
    The author maintains the idea of the possibility to use the fuzzy logic in property value management process.

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