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Reprezent an electronic archive that accumulates, deposits and distributes the research of the University's academic community. It also provides a sustainable, permanent and reliable access to the mentioned resources.

Reprezinta o arhiva electronica care acumuleaza, depoziteaza si distribuie cercetarile comunitatii academice a Universitatii. Aceasta ofera, de asemenea, un acces durabil, permanent si de incredere la resursele mentionate.

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  • Ejova, Cristina (CEP USM, 2017)
    Suportul de curs include o analiză teoretico-metodologică şi istoriografică a terorismului, sistematizarea tipurilor sale şi studiul esenţei, ideologiei şi psihologiei terorismului. De asemenea, este cercetat factorul ...
  • Aramă, Elena; Sîli, Ira (2017)
    The term „legisprudenţă” came recently in legal vocabulary, and refers to the legislative work. Social reality is pressuring the legislature to arrive at appropriate ways of regulating social relations. Jurisprudence its ...
  • Cârnaț, Teodor; Popa, Cristina (2017)
    The article deals with the identification of definitory features of governing regime and analysis all its types. This, in the doctrine there are presented the following types of governing regime, in dependence of distribution ...
  • Stati, Vitalie (2017)
    The object of this investigation is the four draft decisions issued to amend and complete the Supreme Court of Justice’s Plenary Decision no.20 from 08.07.1999, the Supreme Court of Justice’s Plenary Decision no.23 from ...
  • Cârnaț, Teodor; Școlnic, Sergiu (2017)
    Cette étude est consacrée à l’analyse du contrôle de la constitutionnalité du pouvoir exécutif, et les formes de l’exercer. Dans ce contexte, la Cour constitutionnelle se limite à vérifier la conformité de la constitutionnalité ...

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