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Represent an electronic archive that accumulates, deposits and distributes the research of the University's academic community. It also provides a sustainable, permanent and reliable access to the mentioned resources.

Reprezinta o arhiva electronica care acumuleaza, depoziteaza si distribuie cercetarile comunitatii academice a Universitatii. Aceasta ofera, de asemenea, un acces durabil, permanent si de incredere la resursele mentionate.

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  • Moşin, Octavian (CEP USM, 2010)
    The nineteenth century signed various reforms in the Russian theological education. The tsar Alexander I issued new regulations for the organization of religious and theologicaleducation. It continued with a ...
  • Moşin, Octavian (CEP USM, 2010)
    Church and sects has always been a painful chapter in the contemporary period of the Russian Orthodoxy,which for centuries has been banned in Russia. From the nineteenth century it received regulation and ...
  • Moşin, Octavian (CEP USM, 2010)
    From the nineteenth century the Russian Patrology science has been experiencing a new stage. Patrology has been placed as a separate discipline in the history section of the Russian theological education. From the early ...
  • Prohin, Andrei; Cozma, Valeriu (CEP USM, 2010)
    The paper examines the Histories of Herodotus as a manifesto of a historian’s deontological principles. The scientific and moral attitude of the “father of history” towards history are analysed in the introductory paragraph, ...
  • Кожокару, Виолетта; Плотник, Олеся (CEP USM, 2020)
    Защита прав потребителей является важной дисциплиной учебного процесса, так как студенты знакомятся с основами потребительского права, в том числе с правовой основой защиты государством людей как потребителей, и ...

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